Origin of Abundance Codes – Our Founder’s Story

Jesse Simpson’s journey has been anything but conventional. From serving in the Marine Corps to becoming a decorated firefighter, his path has been marked by bold decisions and a relentless pursuit of purpose.

The Military and Firefighting Beginnings 

Growing up, Jesse’s childhood dream was to become a US Marine and firefighter. After serving four years in the Marine Corps, including three deployments and a combat tour in Afghanistan, he achieved that dream. Jesse became a firefighter in Arizona and was even named the state’s Firefighter of the Year in 2017.

However, despite reaching the pinnacle of his childhood ambition, Jesse soon realized that this was not his true calling. “I was Arizona state firefighter of the year in 2017, but just decided, essentially after a number of things had stacked on top of me, that it was time to leave,” he recalls. “It was time to quit my childhood dream job.”

The Leap to Costa Rica 

Rather than continuing down the predictable path towards retirement, Jesse made a bold decision. He sold all of his possessions and took a one-way flight to Costa Rica, with no real plans of ever returning home. “I ended up taking a one way flight to Costa Rica. No real plans of ever coming home. If my childhood dream job wasn’t for me, I had to figure out who I am and why I’m here.”

This leap of faith marked the beginning of a transformative journey of self-discovery. Jesse ventured out to explore the world, hoping to uncover his true purpose.

Entrepreneurial Endeavors and Financial Challenges 

During his time in Costa Rica and other parts of the world, Jesse embarked on a series of entrepreneurial ventures. He started an online coaching business, using his firefighter pension and eventually dipping into his life savings to fund the endeavor. However, this approach proved to be unsustainable.

“I went through the $20,000 from my firefighter pension pretty quickly. Then I started digging into my life savings. I went through that pretty quickly as well. And it was just not the best way to go about starting businesses. But I didn’t know that at the time.”

Jesse’s passion for entrepreneurship led him to start hosting transformative travel retreats in Colombia, which he financed using his personal credit cards. This strategy ultimately caught up with him, as he found himself drowning in personal credit card debt.

A Pivotal Moment and the Shift in Perspective 

The COVID-19 pandemic proved to be a turning point for Jesse. It forced him to confront his financial situation and take a closer look at the broader financial system. “I had this massively transformative experience traveling around the world which came to a screeching halt because of COVID.” This event, along with his financial struggles forced him to go deep into understanding the financial system.

This deep dive into the financial landscape led Jesse to a profound realization. He discovered the issues with the current fiat currency system and the limitations it imposes on individuals and businesses.

Uncovering the Unconstitutional Nature of Fiat Currency 

As Jesse delved deeper into the workings of the financial landscape, he uncovered a startling truth: the fiat currency system that underpins our modern economy is unconstitutional and a fraudulent form of debt.

“I learned about our fiat currency. All fiat currencies throughout history have been inflated then collapsed. We are living during the time when the US dollar will do the exact same thing. Not only that but our fiat currency is an unconstitutional and fraudulent form of debt, benefitting no one but the corrupt international banking cartels.” Jesse explains.

When prompted about the “unconstitutional nature” of our fiat currency he said “Article I, Section 10, of the Constitution is clear, “No State shall make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts. The keyword here is “State.” The Federal Government is in fact a Federal corporation,” (Source: 28 U.S. Code § 3002 – See 15(a)

“Our rights as sovereign people have been subverted by US banks controlled by foreign interests. The banks control all politicians and major corporations,” he said.

This revelation shattered Jesse’s previous understanding of the financial system and prompted him to explore alternative solutions that could provide true financial freedom.

Recognizing the Need for Systemic Change 

As Jesse delved deeper into the financial landscape, he began to grasp the far-reaching implications of the current system. He recognized that the lack of constitutional backing for the fiat currency and the predatory practices of the banking industry were not just personal challenges but systemic problems that threatened the prosperity and freedom of individuals and communities.

“It’s pretty ominous, honestly. But I found a really beautiful silver lining within it. That silver lining is the opportunity called business credit. We can leverage the very thing trying to control us (ie. the banks), in a totally legitimate way, to build a more beautiful future for our families.”

Embracing the Power of Business Credit

Given what he believes is an inevitable inflation, debasement and collapse of the US dollar, the vehicle to building and maintaining wealth is through the acquisition of assets that will appreciate in value along with the US Dollar, whether this be real estate, a business, investment in yourself or other income generating assets.

But how can the American people acquire and invest in these assets?

It was the answer to this question that initiated the creation of Abundance Codes.

Enter 0% interest business credit.

“We can leverage this business credit, 0% interest for anywhere from six to 18 months. To build a vision, to build a business, to acquire assets that will appreciate in value, that will put food on our family’s table and provide for us for generations to come.”

Embracing the Abundance Mindset

Today, Jesse is driven by a vision to help others navigate the complexities of the financial system and leverage the power of business credit to create the life they envision. His personal experiences have shaped his mission to transform the lives of those he works with, guiding them towards a future of abundance and financial independence.

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