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You’re here because you want to build wealth while making a positive impact on the world…

But you didn’t know how to get the funding to fuel your vision…

You’ve been searching, but couldn’t find something that resonated…

Until now…

What Is Abundance Codes?

Abundance Codes is a financial services consultancy that helps business owners get the funding needed to bring their Vision for the world into Being. We specialize in helping our clients access large amounts of 0% interest business credit so they can start or scale their business without spending their own money. We envision a world 
where all beings remain forever prosperous, abundant, and free, and we have discovered the “cheat codes” in the credit system needed to make
this a reality. Allow our full service business funding to bring you the capital needed to go all in on your goals and vision.


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We’ll Help You
Unlock Abundance

Our unique methodology works without even using your own money and gives you the power to take control of you and your family’s financial future.

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This is hands down the best and fastest way to inject your vision with the capital needed to make it a reality. We are simply using the banking system to bring your vision of the world into being.

In as little as 2-4 weeks, you can have access to up to $100,000+ or more in 0% interest (for 9-18 months) credit that will provide real wealth for your family, business, and community for generations to come.

We do this by making your credit profile look great to lenders (your score is not the only factor lenders look at),
 structuring your business so banks will be begging to give you money, applying to specific credit cards or loans in a specific
 order and using the relationships we’ve developed with lenders to not only get you approved but approved for higher limits.

Why Business Funding?

Done for You!

  • We have reduced nearly all barriers to entry, other than a personal credit score of 740+, as our "done-for-you" service removes all the guesswork and encompasses complete Business Setup, including custom website, Credit Score Optimization, and Full Service Business Funding.
  • Most business credit won’t show up on your personal credit report.
  • Ability to build your business credit profile, allowing you to access much more funding over time.

You’re in good hands.

  • Our goal is to save our fellow entrepreneurs time, stress and money and significantly reduce the amount of personal capital needed to start or scale a business, effectively leveraging large amounts of 0% interest business credit instead. The 0% interest period lasts between 6-18 months, which provides a significant opportunity to leverage unsecured debt.
  • Our team does it all. We apply a systematic approach implemented by highly experienced experts. We’ll make you look great to lenders so you can unlock abundance in your life!

Offerings Overview

At Abundance Codes, we offer a range of programs and services
tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients:

_______________ Vince's Case Study

Vince, from Fresh Steeps, was at a standstill in his business, ready for launch but without the capital to do so. ⁣ He was considering giving up equity in his company to investors, or taking money out of his home or investments! ⁣ Instead of that, we’ve got him the $100,000 in funding he needed to launch his product in the market, and he only spent a few hundred dollars of his own money. Before Abundance Codes, Vince applied for a Chase Business Credit Card on his own and received a $5,100 limit. After working with us, we got him approved for a $80,000 Chase Business Credit Card - 0% interest for 12 months!!! Same business, same Vince, no Abundance Codes.

Here are
some numbers

$70,000 at 0% interest? Yes, PLEASE!
$50,000 in YOUR pocket!
$60,000 in 0% interest business credit!
$90,000 of 0% for 12 months!
Abundance Codes Delivers!

Colby's Case Study _______________

Our client, Colby, a former corporate executive, came to us 6 months ago without a business. We optimized his credit score (80+ points) while fully setting up his new business. To date he has acquired over $200,000 in 0% interest credit so he can take his 25+ years of a corporate experience into a consulting company to grow abundance for his family. What would $200,000 in 0% interest credit do for you?


Frequently Asked Questions

Glad you asked! Business funding is simply applying for credit cards, loans, or lines of credit under the name of a business using an LLC and EIN. 

Business funding offers unique advantages. Banks are more likely to approve businesses for higher funding amounts. Additionally, the majority of business credit will not appear on your personal credit score, except in cases of delinquency. This approach allows you to maintain a clean personal credit profile and continue accessing credit in the future

No worries! We will set one up for you in as little as 7 days. This program is for all types of businesses and startups

YES! And in fact, this is a strategy we use to get maximum funding for clients.

The timeline for funding varies depending on your unique situation. If credit repair is needed, it could take anywhere from 2-7 months. For those with a score of 720+, it could take only 2-4 weeks. While we can’t guarantee specific timeframes, rest assured that we work diligently to deliver results as quickly as possible.

The funding amount is determined by your individual circumstances. Some clients may qualify for $50,000, while others can access $250,000 or more. We strive to secure the maximum amount of funding possible for you. For those willing to exercise patience, we can explore multiple rounds of funding.

  • We offer various programs tailored to your preferences. Our credit repair service and business funding are “done for you,” while the Accelerator takes a “done with you” approach, where we provide guidance and support as you execute the process. The Academy is designed for those who prefer a self-paced, “do it yourself” approach. 
  • LIMITED TIME ONLY: Both the Accelerator and the Academy are included in our Credit Repair and Business Funding Packages.

In the event of delinquency, some banks may report it to your personal credit report, if they were personally guaranteed. Further consequences could involve sending the account to collections or a potential lawsuit to recover the credit/loan. While each situation is unique, we have tools to mitigate risks, such as removing delinquent accounts from your personal credit report or safeguarding your assets through private entities that creditors cannot touch. Rest assured, our team is here to support you through the process and offer solutions.

What sets Abundance Codes’ credit repair service apart from others is our unique approach that goes beyond just cleaning up credit. We are dedicated to helping clients not only improve their credit but also rapidly attain business funding, enabling them to unlock abundance in both their personal and professional lives. With our comprehensive offerings, including an interactive online community, a full academy, and biweekly group mentorship sessions, we ensure our clients receive the support and tools they need to thrive financially and achieve their goals.

What sets Abundance Codes business funding service apart from others is our unique approach that goes far beyond just business funding. Our comprehensive offerings, including an interactive online community, a full academy, and biweekly group mentorship sessions, are designed to support you in realizing your full potential and living your purpose in community with like-minded individuals. The best part is that we offer all of this at half the price of our competitors, believing that abundance and success should be accessible to all. We are passionate about helping you build a strong foundation so you can unlock abundance in your personal and professional life.

Credit repair is the process of identifying and disputing inaccuracies, errors, outdated information, or negative accounts on your credit report to improve your credit score. Our team will work with credit bureaus and creditors on your behalf to address these issues and achieve positive results.

The timeline for credit repair varies based on individual circumstances and the complexity of your credit report. On average, it can take anywhere from 2 to 7 months to see significant improvements in your credit score.

While we cannot guarantee specific outcomes, we promise to work diligently to deliver the best possible results for your credit score. Our track record shows significant improvements for many of our clients, but individual results may vary.

No, credit repair services will not harm your credit score. In fact, by resolving inaccuracies and removing negative items, your credit score is likely to improve over time.

Credit repair can address a wide range of negative items, including late payments, collections, charge-offs, bankruptcies, foreclosures, mortgages, auto loans, student loans, credit cards, personal loans, and more.

Yes, we provide regular updates on the progress of your credit repair. You will have access to a client portal where you can monitor the status of your disputes and see any improvements in your credit score.

No, we ask you not to apply for any new credit, loans or financial products while going through our credit repair process. This can seriously impede our process of repairing your credit or getting you funding. Please speak to your agent if you have an emergency.

Our credit repair service is not only the fastest and most effective on the market but also offered at a significantly discounted rate. We believe in providing our clients with the best opportunities to unlock business funding quickly so we pass on these savings to you. You can take advantage of our paid in full or payment plan options to get started on your journey to financial freedom.

Still have questions?

Reach out to our team of experts today.

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